Marjan Šemrl, Europa Team

GM Norm in the
"Chessfriends Rochade 5171 - 15th YearAnniversary"


Congratulations to Marjan Šemrl, Europa Team, for his marveillous score in this tournament and the acheviement of the GM Norm!
Šemrl sent us a well annotated game (click here) and a few information about himself:


I am 51 years old, married, with two daughters Maja (23) and Nina (21) and live in a small village 25 km away from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. By profession I am a software application project manager.

My chess career began relatively late at my 18’s. I played OTB (over the board) chess and became a Candidate Master at my 23’s. I also tried myself  in correspondence chess and won some middle class tournaments in former Yugoslavia. After 10 years of playing I had to take a long break at chess because of family and professional reasons.

I came back to wonderful world of chess in 1996 and played in some international open tournaments in Slovenia. In the tournament “Ljubljana Open 1999” I achieved a norm for IM title in OTB chess and for this result I was awarded with the title of “Slovenian National Master”.  My noticeable results are a win against Grandmaster Drazen Sermek and a draw against Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov.  My current ELO in OTB is 2204. You can see my 10 best OTB games at:

My comeback in correspondence chess happened in year 2000. In 2003 I became the champion of Slovenia in email chess with the score 8,5 (10). I played on board 6 for Slovenian team in 15th Olympiad preliminaries and finished with the score 9 (10), achieving my first norms for IM and SIM. In the international team tournament “Rochade 5171” I played for Europe team on board 6 and finished with the result 11 (14) and got my second norms for IM and SIM and my first GM norm. My  correspondence rating is 2519 but it will increase to 2550 after current period.

I am a vice-president of Slovenian Council for Correspondence Chess and a webmaster of our official webpage “CORRESPONDENCE CHESS IN SLOVENIA”: