Jubilee Postal Tournament

The International Correspondence Chess Federation

Sponsored by ChessBase GmbH

Startdate 15.06.2006
Tournament Director Jaromír Canibal
Okružní 867 ; CZ - 734 01  Karviná-Ráj ; Czech Rep. / Česká Rep.
Appeals Tribunal Ragnar Wikman
Universitetsgatan 8 D 79 ; FIN - 20100 Ĺbo ; Suomi / Finland

You play 5 games with White against the players whose number is on the right of your name and 5 games with Black against the players whose name is on the left of your name.

You can start immediately your games, but the reflection time will be counted from 15.06.2006.

Please, confirm both the T.D. and me that you received this start-list and will begin your games.  All the results and any information and/or complaint about your games have to be sent only to the T.D.

Enjoy the tournament and... amici sumus!

Gian-Maria Tani
(PTO Controller)
via Tripoli 20;  I-10136 Torino; Italy/Italia



Player's list
Player's list - Alphabetical order

Start List 1-26
Start List 27-52
Start List 53-78
Start List 79-104