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Announcement of the invitational tournament

FOGLAR veterans



In memory of an excellent man, Mr. Stanislav Foglar, the Czech CCA organizes the invitational event FOGLAR veterans dedicated to all the players at the age of 50 or more years and rated 2300 at least.
The tournament has been approved by ICCF and will be played according to ICCF rules of play for email tournaments.
All games in the tournament will be rated. Here are the most important marks of our event:


Federation in charge:   Czech CCA
TD in charge:    Jaromir Canibal, IA; Zdenek Nyvlt, IA
Number of stages:   one, started every year on Foglarīs birthday,
in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007
Number of players:    4 sections with 15 players each
Restrictions:       age 50+, ELO 2300+, max. 2 sections per player
Starting dates:    11.4.2005, 11.4.2006, 11.4.2007
Entry fee:   15 euro per tournament and player


Entries into the 3rd year of the event (containing name, email, date of birth and ICCF rating of the player), should be sent via National Federations to Mr. Lukas Mezera (, with a copy to Mr. Petr Buchnicek (, not later than 31.3.2007.

In case of great interest entries received sooner will be accepted in preference.   Players of your federation are heartly invited into our tournament! It will be a great honour to our federation to include any player especially from your country.



ICCF delegate of Czech CCA
  Mr. Lukas MEZERA
member of organizing team


Mr. Stanislav Foglar (11.4.1913 – 9.7.2004) was a significant person of Czech, Czechoslovak and international chess.
This international arbiter, awardee of Bertl von Massow golden medal for his contribution to development of international correspondence chess, captain of Czech team, which won gold medals in 5th Olympiad and silver medals in the next one, the main originator of those and many others great successes, is no longer among us.
In honour of him, the Czech CCA organizes above mentioned events, which will be started every year on his birthday.