AJEC / Asia vs. Rest of the World


AJEC (French CC Association) with the help of Med Samraoui (ICCF Zonal Director for Asia and Africa) are organising a match "AJEC/Asia vs. Rest of the World".
The pairings will be done according to the native country of the entrant players. The main rules of this match are as follows:

1. Med Samraoui will be the TD of the match.
He will collect entries from Asian players and Rest of the World Players.  Med will be helped by Jean Marc Refalo from France to collect the entries from French players.

2. The games will be played on the ICCF webserver with the last rules adopted in Mumbai Congress.

3. The entry fee is 8 euros. Generous donors can give more. All the money will be given to a charity organisation.
You can send the payment to your national federation.
Please find out your National Delegate at
National delegates will send entries to Mr. Samraoui.

4. Everybody can participate in this match which will begin on February 15th.

5. To have more details and to subscribe please feel free to contact Med Samraoui or Jean Michel Refalo.
We, and Asia, rely on you !

We hope that the Correspondence Chess community will be able to gather together behind this event and show a great solidarity.

Gilles Hervet
AJEC secretariate

Med Samraoui
ICCF Zonal Director for Africa/Asia