Issue 3
Yoav Dothan


A CC game won by Black in 20 moves at top level is a rare thing! Here we have two examples!

I analyzed two very short games that were dominated by Purdy, both he won in Black.

In the first game Edmund Adam – Purdy, white gives a pawn on the 6th move for some initiative. After 9 Bc2 d5! Black is already better. We see again a cautious player: why risk 11… Bf5 when Nd6 retains the advantage with less danger? We see that white never got a real chance to endanger Black's position.

In the second game both players followed known theory (at that time) till move 15. Then white played a novelty 15. Ng3. I have added three games that were played before the WC started, and may have been known to the players, as they were played in top tournaments. White's idea is to change the knight for the bishop, and remain with his own pair of bishops, black gains the control of the center of the board.

The tactical move 16. Nd4 seems interesting, achieving the goal of pair of bishops without losing the center. Also h3 could be played.

After 19. g4 the position looks bad , and it took only 5 more moves till white resignation.

Both games from the final of WC I !


Three CC games of FM Miki Granski

Miki won the Israeli 27th CC final that started in 1983. For many years he almost did not play correspondence chess, and last year started to play again. Here we have three more games, analyzed deeply by him. We see that even a strong FM has difficulties in modern CC games.


A game by SM Vayser, Vladimir Abramovich

SM Vayser is playing now his last two games in the Category 11 RCCA 10 - Group B tournament , where he managed to win nicely his game with me. IF he wins his last two games he will share the first place in this tournament with 10/14 : 9 points are enough for a GM norm.

The game we got from SM Vayser is against GM Matyukhin, Sergey Konstantinovich. SM Vayser chose as Black an opening that statistically does not promise too much, to say the least. The history of the games that started with the same first 9 moves promises white around 90%! One of the problems in those statistics is that they are based on OTB games: the pressure sometime yields different results and in accurate game the historical results can be misleading. One has always to check again the board : maybe sometime a huge work will be done and the chess informator positions (all 500 basic ECO and all the variants.. only God knows how much computer time is needed to check everything) Already after the 10th move , Nc2+ I think that black is better. Till move 25 white had several possibilities that may have been a little better (if SM Vayser and my analysis is accurate) but I think that since move 26 the position of white gradually deteriorates.


I would like to thank the brothers Muzyka for sending me games, that I will analyze for the next article, IM (FIDE) Yochanan Afek and Gady Costeff for sending me studies that I will also include in the next article. I would like also to thank Mr. Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi for the excellent work he does with the site and also for his remarks about my analysis for the first Purdy game.


Yoav Dothan

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