The value of analysis
Yoav Dothan

I would like to show in this column beautiful ideas, some of them deeply hidden in moves that never happened but were prepared and fragments of art that will please you.

I believe that the basis for seeing such pearls is a good analysis of the game, unless, of course, it is a game that you played and spent many hours in contemplating every position.

As an outsider, playing over a game I will spend a maximum of a few hours on each game, trying to understand and maybe to learn from it. I am sure that most of us do the same.

In an ordinary CC game, that lasts about 40 moves, each of us usually spends more then 100 hours in analysis. IF you have a game with a nice idea, that you are proud of it, please send it to me with an analysis of your idea, so that it can be published with your comments. I will play it over and may add some comments of my own. Why keep it hidden? The chance that anyone else will find your nice ideas and enjoy your work is almost nil.

I will show you now four recent games played in the 6EUMSM final. In three games the Israeli FM Miki Granski won after a complex and hard fought games. In his games he used extensive analysis to slowly advance his position to a better one. I think that those games prove that with a deep analysis using the wonderful tools that we have today , like the Chessbase that saves a lot of writing and enables us to encompass the wide variety of possibilities of moves and with a methodical pass to find the best variations.

I hope to have enough examples of interesting examples of CC games , but I will also include nice ideas from OTB games.

I hope that you will enjoy this effort!


Yoav Dothan

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