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5. 17.09.2006 Games by FM Miki Granski and from GM Turkov.
Contributions by Mr. Jaderholm, Mr. Shams, Mr.  Kristjánsson, Mr. Ertl, Luboš , Mr. Grabner.
4. 05.05.2006

Studies by IM Yochanan Afek and Mr. Gady Costeff; the full game between Sundin – Andersson that appeared in the Chessville.

3. 04.02.2006 A CC game won by Black in 20 moves at top level is a rare thing!; Three CC games of FM Miki Granski; A game by SM Vayser, Vladimir Abramovich
2. 21.01.2006 Some thoughts on a Purdy game; Three games of SM Turkov; A fantastic game by Carlsen
1. 08.01.2006 The value of analysis


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