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03.11.2015 SIM Dađi Örn Jónsson (ISL) is the winner of the 68th European Individual Championship, Final (Enter)
23.10.2015 After one year of play the 1st Chess 960 European Team Cup - Final tournament is now complete. Congratulations to Slovenia who won the event (Enter)
07.09.2015 ICCF Zonal Director Elections 2015 Zone 1 (Enter)
06.09.2015 the fifth friendly team match "One Member Federation vs Rest of Europe" is "Czech Republic vs Rest of Europe".
Team Captain for Europe is Artis Gaujens from Latvia. Entries for "Rest of Europe"must be sent to the Zonal Director Marco Caressa <europe@iccf.com> with copy to the Team Captain Artis Gaujens <artis@latnet.lv> not later than 30 November 2015.
EU Federations may send a list with more than 3 players. Additional players will be allocated to fill vacancies or further boards. (announcement sent by the Czech Federation SKŠ)
18.07.2015 European Championship 2015 - Announcement of Webserver Semifinals (Enter)
18.07.2015 tournament announcement for the European Postal Team Tournament. No entry fee is required for this event (Enter)
13.07.2015 After nearly three years of play the Memorial "Gerhard Radosztics" - Final tournament is now complete. Congratulations to Spain who won the event, and Germany who finished second, and Italy who finished third. (Enter)
23.05.2015 The 2nd Thor Lřvholt Team Tournament Semi-Final 3 ...... (Enter)