Editorial 01
from Mohammed Samraoui Africa / Asia Zonal Director







Dear chessfriends,

Once again I take this opportunity to thank Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi for his excellent job .
Now you can find a link Games where you will find a great number of games ( 207 games in this first selection) played in different zonal competitions .

Please notice that with the increase of the competitions played on the ICCF Webserver , this page will be updated automatically , the friendly matches and Email competitions will be updated once a month .

As you have read in my editorial posted on the zonal bulletin 25, there is no need for editing a bulletin as the games , crosstables and announcements are on the Africa/Asia site .

In the future we try to create a column for the players who are interested to send annotated games (in pgn or cb format), articles ,..

Let me remind you that the entries for the 9th Afro-Asian championship (zonal championship) and the 4th Asian (continental championship) are open. Both competitions will be played on the ICCF server .

Like the two last editions , an ICP (Isolated Chess Players) team will be entered to the next Olympiad which will start in November this year .
The players from Africa and Asia not belonging an affiliated Federation may apply but not late than October 15th .
The registred players up to the 27.09.2005 are :
K. Chorfi (MAR) , G. Altanoch (MGL) , R. Raimbert (TOG) , R. Sintoro (INA) , K Soen (INA) , Yuk Man (MAS) , B. Fekih (TUN) , Fee Meng (MAS) and S. Ould Ahmed (ALG) .
Please notice that only 6 players will be selected by the Zonal T.O .

Hoping you are enjoying CC .

Amici Sumus.
The Zonal Director for Africa/Asia .