ICCF Africa / Asia




ANNOUNCEMENT from Mohammed Samraoui Africa / Asia Zonal Director



The Africa/Asia Zonal Director has the pleasure to inform the National Federations and the CC players living in Asia about:

the 4th Asian CC championship
All Asian Federations (including Australian, Japan, New Zealand and all NFs from Pacific) are invited to nominate 2 players for this competition.
Players living in Asian and not belonging any affiliated ICCF Federation may submit their application by Email to the zonal Director at: msamraoui@iccf.com

This Championship is expected to start in December 2005 and will be played on the ICCF webserver.
The deadline for the entries is 15.11.2005

the 9th Afro-Asian championship, preliminary stage
All Federations from Africa and Asia (as well Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel , Turkey, and all NFs from Pacific) are invited to nominate players for this competition which will be played on the ICCF webserver .
The application should be sent by Email to: msamraoui@iccf.com
Of course applications are open to individual players till 31.12.2005 .
The start date is: 15.01.2006 and number of sections will depend upon the number of entries .

open tournaments
The AA/open tournament is a competition open to all players living in Africa and Asia and start on the ICCF webserver as soon as 7 entries are collected .
Players who are interested by such event (games will count for the ICCF
rating) should send their application to: msamraoui@iccf.com