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  The CC in Africa and Asia was almost inexistant in the seventies, with less than 10 players in the ICCF rating list.

In 1986 during the congress in Baden, Werner Von Massow, the former ICCF President gave me the green light to start take over the duty of promoting Correspondance Chess in Africa. A wonderful adventure was starting from this date. Later when ICCF structures were reorganised into zones, Africa and Asia have forming zone 4.

Now the Africa/Asia zone is proud to be represented by many titled players, some of them  competed very successfully at the high level .  The development is going on and even some NF are quite well organised, i.e AICCF, with dynamic people, producing a quarterly bulletin and having a remarkable homepage.

All delegates who attended the ICCF congress in Mumbai last year were delighted by the quality of the hospitality and the high level of the AICCF Board members. To be short let´s say it was a memorable congress 2004.

Since 1998 Africa/Asia zone organise a yearly zonal championship, the 9th edition will start on 15.07.2006, as well as continental championship for both Africa and Asia.

Even “isolated” players are not forgotten and may participate to zonal competition and also at the international level (Olympiad , interzonal,…).

Med Samraoui