Mr President, Members of the Executive Board, Commissioners, Officials, Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my privilege to report on our zone’s activities over the past year.

The Zonal Team

The zonal team consists of the following officials:

- Zonal Director (ZD): SIM Everdinand Knol of South Africa
- Deputy Zonal Director (DZD): Dr Ole Jacobsen of Ghana
- Tournament Organiser (TO): Iain Smuts of South Africa
- Web Master (WM): SIM Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi of Italy

The following people over and above those already mentioned above also acted as tournament directors (TD) and/or team captains (TC) in our zonal events:

  • SIM Med Samraoui of Algeria

  • SIM Carlos Flores of Spain

  • SIM Arif Kucukali of Turkey

  • Takahiro Horie of Japan

  • SIM Eric Ruch of France

  • IM Mark Noble of New Zealand



Here is a list of the tournaments that were started during the past year as per the submission made to the 2006 congress in Dresden:

  • The 10th Afro/Asian championship on 20 January 2007 with a record 103 entries - TD Iain Smuts.

  • The 5th African championship on 15 December 2006. This event has a record of 22 participants and is now split up into a preliminary and a final phase - TD Iain Smuts.

  • The Interzonal 2006 on 15 December 2006 - TD SIM Carlos Flores.

  • The 2nd Sport for All (SfA) open tournament for ladies - TD dr Ole Jacobsen.

  • The 3rd SfA open tournament for ladies - TD dr Ole Jacobsen.

The following tournaments were announced during the past year:

  • The 2nd Africa team championship.

  • The 5th Asian continental championship.

  • The 11th Afro/Asian zonal championship preliminaries.

  • The 9th Afro/Asian zonal championship final.

The zone intends to start with the following tournaments during the coming year - the format and nature will depend on the amount of entries received:

  • The 2nd West African regional championship.

  • The 1st Africa open championship.

  • The 1st Asia open championship.

  • The 1st Africa ladies open championship.

  • The 1st Asia ladies open championship.

  • The 4th SfA open tournament for ladies.

This is a list of tournaments currently in progress:

  • The 9th Afro/Asian championship on 15 January 2006 - TD SIM Arif Kucukali.

  • The list of tournaments started during this year can be added to this one.

Our zone is currently participating in these team events:

  • The 17th ICCF Olympiad in the form of a team consisting of Isolated Chess Players (ICP).

  • England versus Afro/Asia.

  • Austria versus Afro/Asia - Team Captain (TC) Takahiro Horie.

  • Romania versus Afro/Asia - TC Iain Smuts.

The following tournaments were completed:

  • The 4th Asian continental championship - won by IM Mark Noble of New Zealand.

  • The 7th Afro/Asian web server open - won by Ron Opperman of South Africa.

  • The 1st West African regional championship - won by Philip Horchler of Togo.

  • The 3rd Afro/Asian web server open - won by Dinesh de Silva of Sri Lanka.

  • The 5th Afro/Asian web server open - won by IM Mark Noble of New Zealand.

  • The 4th African continental championship - won by Wajdi Chouari of Tunesia.

  • The 7th Afro/Asian championship final - won by GM Farit Balabaev of Kazakhstan.

  • The 8th Afro/Asian championship preliminaries.

  • The 2nd SfA (section B) - won by Marilla Oliviera of Brazil.

The following team event was completed during the past year:

  • The Czech Republic versus Afro/Asia - won by the former with 24 points against 16.



Players from our zone accomplished the following achievements during the past year:

  • IM Mark Noble of New Zealand won the 4th Asian continental championship - his medal and certificate were awarded during this congress.

  • Wajdi Chouari of Tunesia won the 4th African continental championship - his medal and certificate were awarded during this congress.

  •  GM Farit Balabaev of Kasakstan won the 7th Afro/Asian championship and is our new zonal champion.


Member Federations

  • The national CC federation of Ghana joined our ranks in October 2006. We wish them a long and happy future with ICCF.

  • The national CC federations of Togo and Ivory Coast have applied for ICCF membership and we trust that congress will consider it favourably.



In conclusion I thank all the people mentioned in this report as well as everybody else that assisted with the administration and development of CC in zone 4 as well as the ICCF for donating some ICCF Gold Books as prizes. A special word of thanks goes to Iain Smuts and Dr Ole Jacobsen for their outstanding work as well as to SIM Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi our webmaster and also to Dr Gian Maria Tani the ZD of Europe for allowing us the beneficiary use of their website.


SIM Everdinand Knol
ICCF Zonal Director for Africa and Asia

21 October 2007